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"Dreams are there to be fulfilled."

- Sven Knorr -

Sven Knorr is the founder of the SAM vehicle development centre. He is a man of action, a visionary. What he starts, he successfully completes. He has set up several companies during his lifetime and turned them into success stories. He discovered his passion for motor sports as a young man in 1982. And it has never left him. He broke new ground in various rally disciplines in legendary races both as a driver and team leader.

He pushed things to the very limit in his attempts to catch up with the others. And he sensed the limits of vehicles. As a tall driver, he often had trouble in cramped racing cars where there was little room for his head or legs. His rally cars and those of his opponents were usually unique vehicles made of individual components that had been screwed together and for which there were no spare parts. But if there are no spare parts, it is difficult to repair them. Any serious malfunction usually meant the end of the car.

Sven Knorr disposes of things that disturb him. He founded Sächsische Automobil Manufaktur (Saxon Automobile Manufactory) in 2009 (known as SAM09) and is going about fulfilling his vision - to develop the first series-production cross-country rally racing cars that have been designed with great attention to detail and meet the FIA rules; they also have maximum driving comfort and series-production spare parts that can be obtained when needed.

Sven Knorr

  • Born in 1962.
  • Mechanical engineer.
  • Entrepreneur & visionary.
  • Rally driver in various disciplines.
  • Founder of the CRIOG racing team.
  • Founder of SAM09.
  • Developer of the SAM Mercedes 30D CC.