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The SAM Mercedes 30D CC - Pure Innovation:

The first cross-country rally vehicle that meets FIA Regulation 286/2010: applicable for FIA Artikel 286/2010 and 285/2010

Designed with great attention to detail:
spare parts can be ordered from SAM. It has been thoroughly engineered on many simulation runs and vehicle tests to the maximum degree.

Minimum running costs:
All the spare parts are available as series production parts. This enables fast repair work. All the components are designed for durability.

Extremely comfortable:
The 30D CC is spacious and has a tidy interior. Other comfort features include air conditioning, progressive steering, an adjustable steering column, a wide field of vision as the B pillar has been moved backwards, an adjustable pedal box, an adjustable seat.

SAM 30D CC The vision is a reality.

  • The SAM Mercedes 30D CC. As wild as nature.
  • The first cross-country vehicle that meets the new FIA regulation.
  • The only 286-compliant vehicle.
  • Thoroughly designed.
  • Minimum running costs.
  • Extremely comfortable.

SAM 30D CC Ready to Race.